M.E.P. Dierikx MA

Delegate Supervisory Director

Mark Dierikx was born in Vlissingen on 5 June 1953. He is a Delegate Supervisory Director of GasTerra. After graduating, he worked for several years at Esso Chemicals in marketing. Then he chose a career at the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Here he was initially active in the field of Dutch industrial and technological policy, from1992 in the field of Foreign Economic Relations, and from 1994 in the post of Director of Economic Cooperation and Export Policy. In 1996, he moved to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as Director for Asia and the Pacific, and also Deputy Director-General for Regional and Country Policy, to return in 2000 to the Ministry of Economic Affairs as an exempted Deputy Director-General for Foreign Economic Relations. From 2004, Mr. Dierikx worked at the Ministry of Transport and Public Works as Director-General for Water. From 1 January 2008 to 1 July 2011, he was Director-General of Civil Aviation and Maritime Affairs. On1 July 2011, Mr. Dierikx was appointed Director-General of Energy, Telecommunications and Competition at the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Main and ancillary positions

  • Director-General for Energy, Telecommunications and Competition, Ministry of Economic Affairs
  • Member of topteam Energy


  • VU University Amsterdam, Organic Chemistry, with minors in Biochemistry and Economics (graduated in 1979)